Tuesday, February 4, 2014

Another Impressive Book!

Pacific Ocean Park The Rise and Fall of LA's Space Age Nautical Pleasure Pier by Christopher Merritt and Dominic Priore promises to be another must have theme park book for your library shelf. A definitive written history of this remarkable park is long overdue. If Pacific Ocean Park is as good as Knott's Preserved was (the previous book by Merritt and Eric Lynxwiler) readers will enjoy a genuine treat. Due for publication this summer, you may pre order on Amazon today!

Wednesday, January 1, 2014

That Magical Parking Lot - Then & Now

While doing a bit of clean up here on the old blog, we came across a few fun posts that never made the original cut. Here's a swell Disneyland 'Then and Now' comparison shot from a few years back. It seems worthy of sharing. Viewing the cluttered backstage beam-way vista of today, one might wonder if a state of the art, enclosed monorail tunnel experience might be worth considering for this short stretch. Super Speed Tunnel anyone?

Friday, September 30, 2011

An Exciting New Book! Jason Schultz Offers Guests A Pocket Sized Time Machine

Jason Schultz and Kevin Yee have just completed work on a masterful new Disneyland book - and you're going to want to get a copy. The cover above says it all, but click on over to Jason's fine blog (Disneyland Nomenclature) for a full demonstration of its unbelievable content. Incredible stuff.