Sunday, November 29, 2015

Main Street's Discovery Bay Model

We just posted this image on our Liberty Ranch Facebook page, but it's such a unique snapshot we thought we'd add it here, as well! In the late 1970s, Discovery Bay was a proposed new 'land' that would have occupied an area near the quiet back waters of Disneyland's Rivers of America. It was envisioned as a Jules Verne inspired look at gold rush era San Francisco. This wonderful model was on display for a short time on Main Street USA and, if our collection is any indication, was rarely photographed. In the near future, it appears that the newly announced Star Wars Land will utilize this space - and more!

Wednesday, July 15, 2015

Knott's Preserved - Revised Edition!

Good news! The expanded, revised edition of Knott's Preserved is now available at Knott's Berry Farm and Amazon! Even if you already have a copy of this excellent book by Christopher Merritt and Eric Lynxwiler, this fresh, revised edition promises sixteen additional pages of astonishing photos and  wonderful history. How great is that?

Friday, September 30, 2011

Jason Schultz Offers Guests A Pocket Sized Time Machine!

Jason Schultz and Kevin Yee have completed work on a masterful new Disneyland book - and you're going to want to get a copy. The cover above says it all, but click on over to Jason's fine blog (Disneyland Nomenclature) for a full demonstration of its unbelievable content. Incredible stuff - and a 'must have' for your collection!